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To access the quarterly Employer Evaluations, click here. Note you will need an access code to complete the report. If you need assistance call the IPN Office at 1-800-840-2720.


Participant Toxicology/Check-In:

      · Check-in daily between 4 a.m. and 2 p.m. EST.

· You may check in daily by phone 1-877-267-4304, online or Spectrum app available on Android/Apple devices

· IPN suggest all participants keep at minimum a balance of $100.00 in their account at all times

Affinity Customer Service:

For assistance with logging into your Affinity account, processing toxicology screens or funding your account please call 1-877-267-4304 Monday-Friday 6:30 am to 8:00 pm, EST and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.  Helpdesk Support Specialists do not have the authority to reschedule or excuse any toxicology screen or answer questions related to a case.


IPN Website:

For additional IPN information please visit our website www.ipnfl.org

                                                  Education Courses:

IPN Participant Orientation Course

Our Participant Orientation Course provides an overview of the IPN program and what you can expect after you make that initial call to IPN. We recommend this course to anyone who has received a referral to IPN and wants to know more about the program.

Current IPN Participants:

Login to your Affinity account, hover over the Helpdesk option on the menu, then click on Training Courses to access the course.

Non IPN Participants:

Click HERE to access the course. Note; you do not need a login and Password to view this course.

IPN Employer Orientation Course

Our Employer Orientation Course provides an overview of nursing impairment, what your legal and ethical responsibilities are when it comes to impairment and how IPN can assist you.

Click HERE to access the course. You will need to register as a basic user to access the course.

IPN Support Group Facilitators Orientation Course

Our Support Group Facilitators Orientation Course provides an overview of the history and purpose of IPN’s facilitated support groups, your role as an approved facilitator, and IPN’s recommendations and expectations for how groups are best conducted.

To access the course, login, click “My Learning” on the menu, then click the “My Courses” tab to access the course.

If you need assistance with the Orientation course, contact a Helpdesk Support Specialist at 1-877-267-4304.

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