The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) drug testing with Affinity eHealth program is now active.  As of August 01, 2011 the Affinity eHealth program is the sole provider of drug testing services for DOPL’s licensees. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember that you must call in or check in online each day between 5:00 am and 8:30 pm Mountain Time with Affinity eHealth. If you are notified that you are to test please review the list of Collection Sites on the Affinity eHealth web site or call 1-877-267-4304 and a Client Support specialist will be glad to assist you.

The drawback to checking in after 5:30 PM is that there will be no customer service available at Affinity nor DOPL after that time.  You will be on your own if some issue should arise.  Please let Customer Service or DOPL know of any problems the next morning. 

New DOPL/Affinity eHealth Participants
If you are a new participant in DOPL’s drug testing program you must:
1. Activate your account within the time frame indicated by your compliance specialists during your interview.

2. Once you have activated your Affinity eHealth account and selected a username and password you will be able to Login to your Personal Compliance page.

3. After you have logged in proceed to the “Manage Collections Sites” link and select your preferred collection site.  Instructions on this process and the other features can be found on the CMS Participant User Guide which can be found by clicking on the “My Documents” link.

We recommend that you review the Participant User Guide as well as the series of online How To topics accessed by clicking the “My Learning” link on the website.

For assistance at any time, please call 1-877-267-4304 and one of Affinity eHealth’s Client Support specialists will be glad to assist you.

To access the Employer Evaluations, click here.  Note you will need an access code to complete the report.  If you need assistance contact your employee's case manager.

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